Ends on December 31, 2017

Welcome to the inaugural year of Elkhart Stage for Change! We are ecstatic to announce that our team has selected this year's theme.

Elkhart Stage for Change: DIFFERENT TOGETHER. 

We are looking for stories from the Elkhart community. Remember, your story matters. So submit your story today long, short, funny, and sad. We hope that your stories will help spark an honest dialogue about diversity and inclusion. Help us to build a Stage for Change!

Use these Writing Prompts to help you get started. These are questions that Elkhart Schools would like to ask our community (students, faculty, staff, community, and alumni). 

Since some of these stories will be selected to be performed on stage, we encourage you to write up to approximately 600 words. Remember to think about what is important to your story to help contain the story in a performable length.

To submit your story please create an account below. No record of your name will be kept by Stage for Change. All stories will remain anonymous. 
Use these tips and  guidelines to write an engaging story for the stage.

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